On behalf of Jason Hairston from KUIU, Lorenzo Sartini from, Michael Waddell of Bone Collector, Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty, Jim Shockey and many other industry leaders, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of electing a candidate who embraces the traditions and values of the outdoors, land stewardship and the 2nd Amendment, all of which have been largely ignored and which are in tremendous peril. As industry leaders and lifetime sportsmen, Mr. Trump is the only candidate that will represent our values and protect our traditions. We sincerely hope that you join in our effort to see that he become the next Commander & Chief of our great country.

Besides knowing the Trump family personally, Mr. Trump has written one of the most compelling papers on the 2nd amendment of any candidate in years, is the only candidate to appear at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, was the only candidate to speak at the Outdoor Sportsman Awards. He was also the only candidate to interview at length with Outdoor Life about land stewardship and the very principles we hold true and has been one of the most vocal voices of gun ownership, right to carry and the outdoors.

Similarly, Mr. Trump's two sons, Don Jr. and Eric are avid hunters, anglers and advocates of the 2nd amendment. Similar to President Theodore Roosevelt, a pioneer of the outdoors who started Boone and Crocket which was Americas first Wildlife Conservation Organization, Don Jr. now sits on the board of that organization as one of the youngest members in its history. The organization is still the driving force in hunting and fishing conservation and Don Jr. and Eric are not only friends to many of us, but true champions to the outdoors and all the virtues we hold dear.

This presidency represents many thing to us as a community --- the preservation of our lands, public hunting rights, land stewardship, our 2nd amendment freedoms, and incredible industry of hunters and anglers for whom we all derive our livelihoods not to mention an almost certain 3 Supreme Court nominations in the next 4-8 years which will determine the faith of our current 5-4 court supreme court and the future laws of this nation. Make no mistake about it but our sport in in serious jeopardy and as a group, and an industry, we have been largely left behind, ignored and ostracized. We need to make sure our voices are heard and that we, as a collective, start becoming more relevant in political conversations now and in the future. 

As we approach the election on Tuesday, November 8th, we truly hope you will join us in supporting Mr. Trump.

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Lorenzo Sartini

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Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty
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