The Trump family's relationship with the outdoors

Mr. Trump is an avid golfer, and sports fan.  He is a businessman, and understands the tremendous economic impacts hunters, anglers and shooters have for jobs and the American economy.  Mr. Trump is a skilled marksman, a long time member of the NRA, and has a current concealed weapons permit

I never worried about my sons staying out late and getting into trouble. I knew they were getting up at 4 am—to go hunt turkeys or whitetails.
— Donald J. Trump

Donald Jr. and Eric learned the love of hunting and the outdoors from their grandfather, and have since a young age been passionate, hardcore hunters, anglers and bow and firearms advocates.

Don and Eric also have been very involved in the conservation of land, water and wildlife and support a host of sportsmen organizations that conserve wild places and wild things.

Don and Eric love to hunt waterfowl, upland game, big game and fish. They often go on self-guided hunts.

A main goal in their lives is to make sure the American dream of hunting, shooting and fishing with family and friends, thrives in our generation, and for future generations. And, they also want to educate the non sportsmen public, to know that we are the first and foremost conservationist of our wildlife, and we will make sure it is abundant for the current and future generations to enjoy.

When the media or anti hunters or anti anglers or anti gun folks attack sportsmen, the Trumps will Stand with US, Strong, no Question. Don Jr. and Eric will be articulate advocates for conservation, hunting, fishing and shooters, bows, guns, etc.

Don Trump Jr. has been a customer of mine, a great friend, but more importantly, Don is an incredible ambassador for the hunting Industry. In my twenty years of being in the Hunting Industry, I’ve never felt so strongly about a candidate and his family. I truly believe that a vote for Donald Trump for President is the most important thing a sportsmen can do to ensure our heritage and rights. The Trump family is deeply rooted in the outdoors and a vote for Donald Trump is a vote for Sportsmen’s Rights.
— Dave Eder