Why it matters to every hunter, angler and shooter

President Theodore Roosevelt established incredible conservation programs more than 100 years ago, that provide modern day sportsmen with incredible and abundant herds, flocks and fisheries today. We are all beneficiaries of President Roosevelt’s Vision and Leadership.

A lot has changed in 100 years, Donald J Trump believes there needs to be a Roosevelt Reboot, and modernize our conservation and hunting and fishing heritage to meet today’s conservation needs. Don Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are long time very avid sportsmen, hunting and fishing. It is a priority in their lives to make sure all 20 plus million American Sportsmen and women have great hunting and fishing in their back yards with family and friends.

Additionally, at the Time of Roosevelt, bows, guns and shooting were part of the American Culture. Much misinformation by the anti hunting and anti gun media has changed Americans views. Donald J Trump has been very vocal, he is an adamant supporter of the second Amendment, and allow every law abiding American to have firearms to protect themselves and their families

The Trumps also know, that many of our great military families and war heroes like Marcus Luttrell, Robert O Neil and the late Chris Kyle all become exceptional military warriors, staring with skills they learned at a young age with their fathers out hunting and being in the woods. 

What a President does Affects Every Sportsman

The President sets the national discourse. Importantly, he appoints the heads of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Bureau of Land Management and the US Forest Service. The positions and policies of these leaders affect every aspect of hunting and fishing and shooting. It affects Waterfowl populations, access to federal lands, the management of federal lands, water quality and fish populations, and many other aspects. The management of Predators on public lands, the balance of proper energy exploration, mining, and timber harvest, if done correctly can benefit our local economies, our wildlife habitat and our hunting and fishing.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service also administers several billion dollars each year, as paid in by sportsmen, such as the Pittman Robertson funds. Donald J Trump knows we can invest these funds in a much better manner to grow our herds, flocks and fisheries, and provide great hunting, fishing and places for a growing target shooting Sport. A President affects each and every one of us, in a direct way.